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Note About Constuction:
Most recently we have had some changes to our web site and we have
had several emails and calls asking what is going on. The reason for all of this is simply
the changes that are rapidly taking place in "responsive web design".
Google sometime ago announced that it would no longer "Index" old HTML designed sites
that were not appropriately setup to work on mobile devices. So while we have been busy
working on client sites we are only now getting around to our own site.
Our new site is at: http://cloudpublishingsolutions.com
Our new email is: info@cloudpublishingsolutions.com
However there will be a lengthy transition period before we point this current domain
cloudpublish.net and a few others to the above new domain. This site will continue to operate
for a given period and once we feel everyone has been to the above and using it we will then
shut down this site, but keep the cloudpublish.net domain and info@cloudpublish.net email
and point it to the new cloudpublishingsolutions.com domain.
You will see that cloudpublishingsolutions.com works much better on mobile devices.
Lastly, the reason why CPS and Google made this move is because of the growing number of
people using mobile devices like ipads, tablets, iphones, Androids etc.
 If you would like a "responsive web design" email us for a quote.

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