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Custom Publish Solutions
FlipBook Simplicity
Turnkey Multifunction
Optional Password Entry
Subscription Payment
Archive Management
Online Transactions
MySQL databases
Dedicated Web Portal
Read from Any Device
Add Video/Audio
Client Back-End Access
Client Password/Mgmt
Interactive Tools


Payment Gateway Setup and Admin
Backend admin for user logins password subscription set ups
Actionscripts like Classifieds, Blogs, Directory,
per your need.
Reduces workflow and input for publisher
Your digital product only bears your name. No advertising.
Hosted your server or ours.
Your intellectual property stays with you.
Many, many options




Limitless Turnkey Interactive Digital Publishing Solutions

As the web moves forward with increased web publishing and readership, it is important to choose the correct digital service for your print edition. Many companies have jumped onto a digital service, but if it only works well on computers or provides simplistic function, whats the point? Manyreaders, as stats clearly show...are using ipads, tablets, smartphones etc which requires leading technology. Further, why not be a step ahead of basic online reading with interactive tools that provide readers with a reason to return to your site. It can all be found here.
FlipBook is our lowest priced digital epublishing product. Unlike some services that offer low prices offset by advertising info and other distracting information, FlipBook showcases your product with a minimum of outside intrusion.
SmartReader is our full featured state-of-the-art HTML5 custom digital publishing solution that works equally well across all platforms including Mac, Windows, Web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphone systems.So if you want to publish a product and been seen and read easily from any device, SmartReader is the only choice. We can say that with  confidence. Other systems offer mobile viewing, but is less featured because many are using work-around flash technology. Powered by "your company" no trace of us.
NewsReader integrates SmartReader and Web Page Plus to provide an integrated solution for multi-edition publications that want a web site that lists past issues through our archive system. Logins to the published site can also incorporate subscriber login passwords.
NewsReader has all the bells and whistles for newspaper and magazine subscription service requirements. Password encryption for subscription based systems, PayPal, VISA, Master Card ecommerce gateway to sell and get paid for online subscription purchases.
NewsPublisher incorporates everything that NewsReader provides plus interactive news, video and photo commentary actionscripts like Ad Classifieds, Events, News etc. Full back end control of the site with approval system. Very little web management required.
Turnkey Layout, Print, Web Production. With the most innovative digital publishing technology in the industry and a low operational-cost business model, EZPublisher is a recognized leader in multi-channel content distribution and monetization, and chosen partner of many publishers.
- Copy editing services
- Copyright registration services
- OCR text scanning or data entry services
- Ghost writing services
- Art services for cover design
- Art services for illustration design
- Expedited publishing services
- Press release writing and distribution 
- Co-op discounted advertising services
- Promotional materials creation services 
- Full prepress layouts
- Complete advertiser management, proofs, tearsheets
- Print production
- Bindery
- Distribution
- Mailing
- Digital production and web production and delivery
Demo 1
FlipBook Basic
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Demo 2
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Demo 3
Plus Integration
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Demo 4
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Demo 5
HardRider is done completely turnkey layout design, paginate and scripts.

Q & A

Digital issues are fully searchable
Setup a subscription payment with back-end control

User-Password set and controlled in back end

Actionscripts provide things like online classified ads with pics and video.

Archives can be setup for subscriber access.

Looking for a very basic digital service. FlipBook is just that.

Host on our site or yours

Need complete production services? We can do start to finish. Just send us the doc files and images, we do the rest.
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